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April weather marks a turning point in Amsterdam as spring conditions really get going. Winter is over, but given the humidity, temperatures have felt cold since the middle of the year, and temperatures for the season as a whole are quite high. At the beginning of autumn, the clouds in the Netherlands gave the clouds a little cold and clarity.

While regular temperatures seem pleasant, it is important to remember that due to Amsterdam's location on the North Sea, rain and wind are always a strong possibility. Theis is typical for the Dutch climate and can blow in in autumn and winter, when there may even be storms.

Weather conditions are quite changeable and the sky can be partly cloudy, so it is advisable to check the weather forecast before departure as you are well informed. Dutch weather map, keep an eye on it when it looks like a big storm is coming. There is a good chance that it would rain for a few days this month, and there is even a chance that it will rain in early December.

Check the weather forecast for your day, as the atmospheric conditions in Amsterdam are quite changeable, so stop a few layers of clothing and stay comfortable. Check the local weather forecast and check it before you leave as weather conditions in the city are quite changeable. Look at the weather forecast of your days as a weather map, as the atmosphere changes and the sky can be slightly cloudy. If the atmospheric conditions around Amsterdam are changeable, then you should continue and wear the clothes.

If you are visiting the Netherlands during the rainy season, it is important to keep an eye on the weather radar and to inform yourself about the onset of heavy rain. The weather in the Netherlands can vary from region to region and city to city, so if you want to know whether you should bring an umbrella or sunglasses, it is best to check the local weather forecast. When you go to Holland in the summer, remember that despite the clear and sunny weather forecasts that predict a day or night with light clothing, you can still feel comfortable.

The winter in the Netherlands is long and grey, which is a good thing in itself, but the average temperature in the Netherlands is 3 - 4 ° C in winter. This time of year experiences at least one hour of sunshine every day and is therefore also the coldest of all seasons.

The average temperature in the Netherlands is 17.0 ° C in summer (1981 - 2010) and people can enjoy 314.2 hours of sunshine during this time of year. From May to August, however, the sun shines for only one hour a day in Amsterdam and only 1.5 hours in Rotterdam. The average rainfall in the Netherlands is 219.6 mm, with an average sunshine period of 587.7 hours. In April, outside Amsterdam, you can expect an average of about 10 hours of sunlight per day, but 240. In May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May, the average rainfall is 7 mm. But the sun in the Netherlands is rarely seen from November to February and does not shine very often in summer.

May and June are a little cooler than July and August, but the first half of May can still be a little cold. The first spring blooms in Amsterdam appear in mid-May, due to the increasing daylight, which appears on May 1, May 2 and May 3. One has to admire the fact that the land blooms not only in spring, but also in summer.

If that happens, the Dutch can practice their national sport of skating outdoors. From March to May is a cool season characterized by a slow rise in temperature. During this time, temperatures are usually mild and pleasantly warm, but it rains frequently and sometimes the sun comes out. The best time to visit the Netherlands is from April to June, with the exception of the first half of July and August, and from July to August.

May, the warmest time of the year, is generally the beginning of August, when highs are regularly reached and temperatures rarely drop below 56.7 degrees. This weather can occur in the first half, but cold days are common. Amsterdam remains one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, hiking and skiing in Europe.

The average temperature in the Netherlands is 10.6 ° C in autumn, but the weather in Amsterdam in summer (June to August) is mild. Autumn is the wettest season in the Netherlands, with November being the month with the most rainfall. This time of year is also the best time to visit Amsterdam as it has moderate rainfall, while August has more than 80 mm of rainfall and October and November average about 60 mm.

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