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The Netherlands is not a particularly big rugby nation, but the Amsterdam Sevens, a variation of the sevens rugby union, attracts many fans to the exciting annual tournament. The Dutch national team plays in the competitions of the European Rugby Union (EU) and World Rugby 7s. The annual Dutch championship is held in Amsterdam every year and will be moved to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games. While in the south of the Netherlands, women's netball is generally played, it is possible to play mixed-gender netball throughout the country.

While the men's handball team only qualified for the World Cup once, the women's team were more successful. Volleyball and basketball are also popular sports in the Netherlands, and a number of Dutch sports are also practised. It is also a member of the European Rugby Union (EU) and World Rugby 7s.

The Dutch national team has won the title four times since the championship was founded in 1978, only losing to Belgium in 1991. The Dutch national team has won titles in each of the championship matches since its inception (1978) and in the European Rugby Union (EU) since 1991, losing only to Belgium in 1990 and France in 2000.

The Netherlands hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1999 and has been ranked among the top 15 teams in the world in terms of the total number of matches played in international cricket since the tournament began.

The Netherlands is also very keen on sport and hosts some very successful teams, and there is a wide variety of sports to see in the country. The Netherlands hosts a number of much-vaunted sporting events each year, such as the World Cup and the European Championship. There are two popular sports that people love to play and watch - football and football.

There are 18 clubs in the Netherlands, three of which are known as Eindhoven - PSV, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Ajax Amsterdam and Eredivisie champions Ajax. Both sexes have embraced football in football and, since July 2016, the Royal Dutch Football Association has more than a million members of all genders and ages. The National Football League (NPL), the country's national football league, is registered in more than 1,000 cities and towns around the world.

Of all the many sports that you can play in the Netherlands, this group must be the strangest of all. Football here is football, of course, but football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. American football, known only as American football (pronounced American), but it is a worldwide obsession known as football or football. According to the Dutch Football Association (NPL), football has been the "most popular" sport in the Netherlands for over 50 years.

Since the Dutch invented corfbal, more than 70 countries around the world have participated in the sport, with the Netherlands at the top of the list.

The Dutch men's hockey team has won the World Cup twice, participated in the Olympic Games four times and the World Cup three times. The Dutch team gained additional football fame with the defeat against Spain, which gave Spain its first World Cup title. Despite not qualifying for the round of eight, they were rewarded with victory over England.

Kaatsen is not only popular in the Netherlands, but is played in over 50 countries and regions. Kaaten is not the only hockey team in the Netherlands, it is part of an international tradition to play in all 50 regions and the Kaatsens in Germany.

Below is a list of sports, sporting events and athletes associated with the Netherlands or Holland, as it is sometimes called. There are many other sports in the country, such as football, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball, hockey, golf, cycling and many others.

The Dutch Squash Federation is the national squash sports organisation in the Netherlands and is managed by Bond Nederlands (SBN), which controls squash at international level.

The Dutch Volleyball Federation is the national association for volleyball in the Netherlands. The Dutch Badminton Federation is a state-controlled association of badminton players in the Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Swimming Federation. Rules synchronised swimming, which is controlled by the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation. The Dutch Boxing Federation is the national association of boxing in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Rugby Union is the national rugby federation in the Netherlands and is governed by the Royal Netherlands Football Association. The Dutch American Football Federation is a state-controlled association of football players and the Dutch National Football Association.

The Dutch Basketball Federation is the national basketball federation in the Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Football Association is a state-controlled association of football players and a member of the International Football Association. The Dutch Field Hockey Federation is the Dutch Field Hockey Federation and is governed by the Dutch Hockey Federation and the Dutch National Hockey Federation.

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