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ROTTERDAM - The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam were never crowded, but this is the visible tip of a huge art iceberg. Just come to the flooded, never - to - be - never crowded and always - more - crowded RIJKS Museum of Amsterdam. We have around 400,000 visitors a year and do not even make it into the top 25 in terms of visitor numbers.

The Van Gogh Museum, also located on Museumplein, is an important stop for anyone interested in Dutch art. All in all, his captivating growth as an artist can be traced in the museums of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Boijman is located on the outskirts of the city, just a few blocks from the Rijksmuseum and a short walk from Amsterdam City Hall.

The museum is a stunning nature reserve and one of the most popular places in the Netherlands for nature lovers and tourists alike. This is the best art museum I have visited in the whole of Holland, without question, and probably the second best in Europe.

Admission to the more than 400 museums in the Netherlands is free with an annual pass. It offers interesting exhibitions and programs, such as the Science Center (read "More Science Center"), which is located at the entrance of the museum, as well as in a number of other areas. Admission was free for the More and with the annual ticket, admission to the More and the more than 400 museums throughout the Republic of Holland is free.

The entrance to the museum is free with an annual ticket, but regular entry to the park is required.

Mamas strongly recommends that you get a reduced admission to the Museumkaart, which you can get for free with an annual ticket or for a limited time with a monthly ticket. If you want to buy a Museum Kaart on your arrival in the Netherlands, book your Anne Frank Ticket So you have a card in your hand on the day of your visit to the museum. Since you will be visiting a number of museums in a short time, we recommend you invest in an iAmsterdam card, which gives you access to some of Amsterdam's best museums.

All major cities should have a list of museums where your card is valid, as well as the number of tickets available. Some lesser-known museums (see page 40) are also worth a visit, such as Vincent van Gogh's Museum of Modern Art, which is currently in its 125th year of existence.

Although we absolutely must see all these museums, we know that we # Ve has only scratched the surface of what the Netherlands has to offer. Dutch life and history, visit to the Dutch countryside, dairy farming and air and of course cheese production, windmills and clogs.

Don't forget to look for current and upcoming exhibitions in Amsterdam and explore the charming museum treasures. If you're looking for the iconic Amsterdam Art Museum, then look no further than the Dutch Ij (pronounced "eye-eye"). Skip the museums of Amsterdam and you will go to the best of them - we will visit some of the good museums in Amsterdam.

This museum is located in the heart of Amsterdam, just a few blocks from the Royal Palace. It houses two museums, one documenting the relationship between the Netherlands and Russia, and another documenting the history behind the building where the museum is housed.

Art lovers can view the newly renovated interior while exploring the museum grounds, and there is the Van Gogh Gallery, which exhibits the works of the famous Dutch artist and his wife Marie Antoinette. Other Dutch museums have joined forces to make this institution the largest collection of works by the late Dutch painter Vincent VanGogh in the world. The museum of his life and work and a gallery of paintings by other famous artists such as Vincent van Gochtel belong to this institution.

As someone who loves Dutch tulips, I always had the feeling that this small museum is a cracker, as you can easily read about the tulips in many books about Amsterdam. Dutch tulip fields, but we can visit them at the right time of year and we love the Amsterdam mums, so while the rest of the museum can be a bit boring for small children, the panorama painting itself is worth the trip.

If you live in the Netherlands, I recommend that you give Museumkaart your Museumkaart card, an annual pass that gives you access to over 400 museums in the Netherlands, including 40 in Amsterdam. Fortunately for parents, many museums offer free admission for children under 5 and free admission for older children.

The Van Gogh Museum is located in the Museum Quarter and is an easy day trip from Amsterdam. Of course, one of the most famous Dutch painters has his own museum, and his work is unique and really interesting. His works, like the windmills that serve as the background for his paintings, are unique, really interesting.

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