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If you have just moved to the Netherlands and are thinking about boarding a train for a few days to visit it, you may be wondering what 10 special events you can look forward to. King's Day is King Willem - Alexander's birthday, it is the day after the investiture, which took place for him on 13 April 2013. It is also the Queen's former day, as it is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Rijksmuseum is celebrating this event with an exhibition of Rembrandt's works (Alle Rem brandts) from 15 February to 10 June 2019, which offers him the ultimate manifestation as a human being. The living room in Zutphen is transformed into a stage for a live performance of his works, complete with live music and live performances. Dutch phrases about looking into your neighbour's house in secret will be changed to "Peeping into the neighbours" on February 10 from 1 to 8 pm.

Santa Claus and Santa Claus from the Netherlands open the Christmas season by arriving in Holland from Spain, accompanied by a black-painted assistant named Zwarte Piet ("Black Peter"), who distributes sweets to children. Sinterklaas sets off to every city in the Netherlands, where he meets and greets children. It takes place every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 1 pm to 8 pm in all cities in the country.

Amsterdam Amsterdam Coffee Festival offers delicious, tasty food, coffee and coffee shops, live music and a variety of other activities.

Holland Festival includes a variety of activities for children, visiting companies, artists, musicians and musicians. There is a dragon parade, a lion dance and fireworks for everyone to see, as well as a carnival with live music, food and entertainment. During the Holland Festival in August and September, you can see dragon parades and lion dances with fireworks in the centre of Amsterdam. Dragon marches and fireworks dancing by lions are also held at the Amsterdam Carnival in September and October each year.

If you are bored with the celebrations in Amsterdam, there are many other events that you can enjoy in a fantastic way. These events are a great opportunity to "immerse yourself in the Dutch way."

In addition to the epic pop festival, there are a number of other events you won't find anywhere else, such as celebrations of the Dutch monarchy. The celebrations last until the end of the day on Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 June. There are also dives you can do, with the North Sea diving between Scheveningen and The Hague, with over 60,000 people, being the most popular place.

The events for the King's Day are celebrated throughout the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen, Amsterdam and other major cities. Read our selection of the 10 best Dutch festivals and see which of them coincide with the Dutch holidays.

This guide gives you an overview of the best Dutch festivals to see, including the best festivals in Amsterdam. Want to embed a photo of your favourite festival, music festival or other event on your social media?

Dutch cities are hosting street parties, flea markets and activities, while the entire Netherlands is gearing up for the biggest festival of the year. One part is the multicultural festival of song and dance that takes place in Oosterpark Amsterdam (East East), and the other is known for its music, food, entertainment and cultural events.

Amsterdam is also a city with a lot to discover, but don't forget all the information about the carnival that is celebrated in the Netherlands. The Groningen Rice Co., one of the most important events of its kind, is held every year in Amsterdam. This festival attracts several hundred thousand visitors each year and is the largest annual public event in Europe in terms of attendance.

The rich collection of the Rijksmuseum, to which Rembrandt's Night Watch belongs, is a must - see Amsterdam. Dutch events focus on the Amstel, which can be seen from the top of the city centre, as well as from many other parts of the city.

The Dutch answer to Rio, which is now more than two decades old, has welcomed over a million visitors to Rotterdam's summer carnival since its inception. The city of Landgraaf in Limburg, where the largest annual festival of art, music and culture in the world takes place, is the most popular festival in the Netherlands from July to September.

The Dutch are asked to keep 1.5 metres apart, avoid busy places and work from home if possible. The Dutch flag flies at half-mast and there is a minute's silence at two minutes to 8 p.m., when people in the city gather around the monument to listen to a speech and lay a wreath. Thousands of spectators gather to watch vivid sounds and fairy lights in front of Rotterdam City Hall during the city's annual carnival.

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